Thursday, November 15, 2012

SUPER cylinder!!

Thanksgiving is just around and time could not be flying any faster. My little firsties are learning about 3D shapes. This is something new to most of them. Of course the cone, cube and pyramid are the popular shapes that are quick for them to commit to memory. 

We have been discussing all of the things these shapes can do and after many discussions "we" came to the discovery that the cylinder must be super! It can stack, roll and slide!! We decided it was SUPER cylinder and he can do all things. 
Once we discussed this, the students could not stop smiling and OF COURSE doodling little pictures of this hero that can do it ALL!!!!

 They even decide that the other shapes could be the villains of the story. 
They are too cute!!! 
Tomorrow we are going to color these little posters to remind us of all we learned!! Feel free to pick up your free copy HERE!
Hope you enjoy!! 

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